6th Sense Rosé

Winegrower’s note

All the grapes are picked by hand.

The 6th sense is a rosé made from a vat bleed. The harvest is not left to macerate before bleeding to avoid extracting too much colour. Fermentation starts after settling and resting the must for about 48 hours. All the manipulations are carried out under protection of carbonic gas, until the start of fermentation, carried out at low temperature, from 15° to 18°C. The wine is then left on its fine lees until the start of the malolactic fermentation. A short ageing in vats recedes the bottling.

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Winemaker’s note

As a land of contrasts, Languedoc-Roussillon gives birth to fruity wines, representative of an exceptionally diverse terroir. The foothills of the Corbières and the Minervois, where thegarrigue intertwines with the great
Mediterranean blue, constitute, with optimal sunshine, the ideal cradle for the cultivation of vines. Here is where the 6th Sense is born, the promise of the original expression of the typical grape varieties of the South of France.

The fruit of the alchemy of climate and earth, the 6th Sense is the ideal consensus of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste and will lead you to the discovery of your 6th sense.


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